BoAt Rockerz 550 Headphones

Best Headphones Under ₹2000 in India

September 18, 2021 TechPrate 0

So there is a list of best headphones under 2000 for better sound quality and battery backup. Therefore, if you’re budget is under 2000 then you can consider the below-mentioned headphones for better value for […]

Smart Thermal Camera

All about Smart Thermal Camera

August 11, 2021 TechPrate 0

Infrared cameras can reach up to 400-700 nanometre range of visible light. Images can be clicked in a dark environment as well. The probable uses for thermal cameras are nearly limitless. Mainly such kinds of […]

AI Accelerators

Five Key Use Cases of AI Accelerators

July 11, 2021 TechPrate 0

Last updated by TechPrate on July 12th, 2021 at 08:06 amAI accelerators are specialized hardware accelerators or computer systems. They are a high-performance parallel computation machine that can accelerate AI and ML computations and perform […]