Glitches in the Growth: E-passport

October 13, 2021 TechPrate 0

What are E-passports? E-passports and electronic passports are embedded with the electronic chip that identifies the person with the same information as issued on the data page. E-passports are considered a more reliable option than plastic ones as they are […]

Streaming Services

The Best Streaming Services in 2021

October 13, 2021 TechPrate 0

Streaming services haven’t stopped evolving since their inception. In fact, widespread streaming has helped us create an “on-demand” culture, resulting in on-demand health and virtual veterinary services. With more streaming services available every year, they allow you to stop overpaying […]

Impact of Technology

The Impact of Technology on Our Homes and Lives

September 22, 2021 TechPrate 0

Since the first weapons were fashioned from raw materials and the capacity to manufacture fire was developed, technology has had a tremendous impact on human culture and civilization. We live in a world that is highly advanced. From your automobile […]